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Tablet is a character that appears in Graffiti Kingdom. He appears as a rival of Pixel, always challenging him into battles, and giving him advices in his journey. He also happens to be the demon prince and The Devil's son, and has a sister called Palette.

Physical Appearance[]

Tablet is a humanoid-looking demon, Has a pale pink-ish skin, with a bright cyan hair spiky hair. He has red eyes, and wears a purple tunic (with what seems to be a symbol) with a beige long scarf from behind. He also have chaurtreuse-green sleeves and pants/socks, with white gloves and white boots.


Tablet is sarcastic, laid-back individual with a certain mysterious and playful aura to him. He is quite interrested with Pixel and calls him his friend even though he didn't say so. And challenges him to battles, interrested by his battling skills, and helping him in his journey while also teasing him that he should be worried that it might be a trap.


Pixel defeats the first boss of the game, and sees Tablet, introducing himself to Pixel explaining that he is a demon, and that he knows where is the Devil's Castle, telling him he should find the keys from defeating the bosses.

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In the end of the game, he becomes Prince Pixel and Pastel's friend, after he rebelled against his father who is now defeated once for all, freeing all the human slaves from the demons.





  • Tablet shares the same voice actor as Pastel, Telepin and Trick Bird.